Spy Shots: Mitsubishi EVO X totally uncovered

The Mitsubishi EVO X won't be officially unveiled for a few months, but the next-gen tuner-supreme has been spotted completely in the buff, and the good folks over at Motor Authority have posted the pics for all to see. The captured preproduction EVO X differs very little from the concept shown in Detroit seven months ago, with a few exceptions. The rims look close but perhaps an inch smaller than the concept, less-expensive dual-projector headlamps were added, the cool as hell LED fog lights were replaced with more traditional fog ambiance, and more conventional side mirrors replace the super-fly design statement from the concept.
The Evo X figures to be a smash-hit for Mitsubishi with over 300 hp, amazing full-time AWD, a mega-stiff chassis, and a paddle-shift dual-clutch transmission. We hope Mitsubishi can deliver on the affordable price-point that has been established with previous EVOs while upping the performance ante one more time.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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