Here's something we never thought about. All those license plates in movies and TV shows are fake! OK, most are fake. Some apparently are actually legit.

Not only are most of them fake, but someone's gotta make em. That somebody has been CR8APL8, and they have amassed an impressive portfolio of famous Hollywood plates.

Check out this site for some of the more famous, or click here for a PDF of more.

CR8APL8 will even make a custom plate for your car. Yes, they say it's legal to display on the front of cars in states not requiring a front plate, and even then there are loopholes. The key, their FAQ says, is that these plates are not made of metal, which is a federal offense. Instead they're fabricated of federally-favored fiberglass.

Before we get our "AB KICKS S" tag, we're hoping some of you will try it out first. And, sure, we'll take collect calls from whatever county slammer you might find yourself in.

[Source: Hemming's ]

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