David Lamb from CSIRO sees air quailty and emissions benefits from plug-ins

Plug-in electric vehicles have been a hot topic lately, due in part to legislation which is currently being debated in Washington. Many theories about hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and full electric vehicles are being considered as well. All of this debating might bring you to wonder just what the benefits of plugging in your car versus filling up your car. Wonder no more! Here are a few articles which let all of us in on just what we as a society could gain by choosing to use electricity for transportation as much as possible and leaving the fossil fuels out of the equation.

If you just don't feel like reading the entire study, here is a condensed article from Drive which cites David Lamb, leader of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's (CSIRO) low-emission transport group. This article appears to back up what the previous article shows. Dr. Lamb goes on to point out that consumers could generate their own electricity in green ways such as solar and wind power, not using the grid whatsoever.

If both of those are just too much to think about, here are the CliffsNotes: Plug-in hybrids will equal better air quality and reduced emissions, even when considered under the worst-case scenarios of using coal to make the electricity using the currently required emissions requirements. The view only gets rosier when you throw in the effects of solar, wind, tidal and other green power sources. In conclusion, bring on the plugs!

[Source: EPRI-NRDC, Green Car Congress and Drive]

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