VIDEO: The 1941 Indy 500 -- IN COLOR

The Jalopy Journal has done the blogosphere a great service today by pointing us to a fabulous video showing 30 minutes of color footage taken during the 1941 Indy 500 festivities. Normally, we bitch about music tracks being laid over car videos, but the jaunty, period-correct soundtrack applied to this one is just right. We also included a second video featuring a pair of newsreels on the race itself. You'll see the massive garage fire and a fair amount of on-track action in those as well. As the narrator says, this was the last Indy 500 before the attack on Pearl Harbor brought us into World War II. Absolutely great stuff all around, and the color footage is a real treasure. Follow the jump to watch both.

UPDATE: Great companion site to go with the videos here. Includes many still photos and transcriptions/summaries of news articles covering the race.

[Source: The Jalopy Journal]

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