Video: 12th annual Dell-Winston school solar car challenge

While looking for good stories to feature on our site, I ran across this video from KTLV on CNN. The event highlighted is the Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge, a solar race starting from Dell Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, and finishing in New York eight days later. To see if they will be passing anywhere near you, click here. They also have a blog, although as of the time of my writing this post, it had not been updated for a few days. The racing started on the 16th and will finish up on the 24th of this month.

If you are interested in following their progress and to know which teams are in the lead, click here. Lots of good information is available on their site, I suggest checking it out if you are interested in solar power or alternative powered vehicles. The video from CNN shows a few of the vehicles taking part in the race, and there are a few interviews too. One of the students remarks that his generation has been taught about global warming and the environment, which is one reason why things might stand to improve. As the younger generations continue to grow and turn into car-buying consumers, it is not unreasonable to expect them to make choices based on their environmental footprint.

[Source: Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge via CNN]

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