A "Clever" car: the Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transportation

Could you get by with half of a car? That might be a logical question to start asking ourselves, both if gas prices continue to rise and if the auto industry has a hard time meeting new CAFE standards at a price point that us average Joes can afford. There is a group of individuals who are working on a machine called the Clever that could almost qualify as just such a vehicle. It has three wheels, holds half as many passengers (two) than most cars do and manages to emit less then half the CO2 emissions than even the most efficient cars currently for sale. The vehicle was designed at the Technical University of Berlin, Institute for Motor Vehicles, with design help from BMW and partial funding from the 5th Frame Programme of the EU Commission. The engine was designed by BMW and runs on compressed natural gas.

The consortium of designers thinks that the vehicle should cost around $13,000 when and if it goes on sale within the next fours years or so. Would you buy one at that price?

[Source: Clever via Club of Pioneers]

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