Maximum Burt: celebrating the acme of manliness at the Burt-a-thon

Guys, if you look a little more hairy and feel a bit more manly at 8:45 PM August 14, don't be alarmed. That's when the 2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour Burt-a-Thon begins in Atlanta, Georgia "celebrating the manliest being in human history." Gruff-voiced festivities will begin with a drive-in triple feature of Smokey and the Bandit, Sharky's Machine and White Lightning. The next day features an actual competitive scavenger hunt from Atlanta to Texarkana, ending at another drive-in screening of the film and refreshment provided by a semi trailer full of Coors. The two most incredible things about the festival, however, are that the grand prize in the scavenger hunt is "an actual 70's era Pontiac Firebird," and that there's a picture of Burt Reynolds on the web site... naked. If you're in the Southeast, and you appreciate real men, sign up now. If you go VIP, you'll even get a free mustache.

Thanks for the tip, Mehugtree!

[Source: Original Alamo]

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