Japan: Transformers dig MP3s

Yep, Transformers mania is going to be around for a while, and unsurprisingly, some of the nuttiest new stuff is coming out in Japan, in the form of Takara/Tomy's new "Transformers Music Label" line of toys/accessories. The rig above is Convoy (a.k.a. Optimus Prime), and while he converts to his familiar robot form, his trailer does double duty as a portable iPod dock and speaker system. He will go on sale July 27.

Before the new Convoy arrives, a new Soundwave will hit the shelves on July 19. Soundwave, many of you will remember, was a cassette player when we were kids. He's now an MP3 player with an SD card slot. Joining Soundwave are Frenzy and Rumble, who were the cassettes in the old-school days. Now that Soundwave has ditched the analog media, Frenzy and Rumble are the headphones (sold separately, natch) that go nicely with him, and yes, you can still wear listen to your tunes through them even when they're in robot mode. You'll just look weird.

Convoy's price is set at ¥15,570 ($127) , Soundwave goes for ¥10,500 ($85), and Frenzy and Rumble will set buyers back ¥3,150 ($25). Thanks to the web, if you want any of them, you should be able to find a place willing to ship them to you.

[Source: Carview]

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