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​Canadian Mounties form massive convoy of fire-fleeing cars

It’s a blood-crazed gang of guzzoline seekers away from a Mad Max plot.

Infographic: Breaking down the costs of trucking

If you've ever had visions of telling your boss exactly where he can put his TPS reports and heading off to reenact your favorite scenes from classic trucking movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy or Over the Top, we have bad news for you: Trucking is prohibitively expensive.

Nissan GT-R "Alternity Convoy" Transformer toy pics

We were pretty excited when we saw the first shots of a transforming Nissan GT-R toy in 1:24 scale, but after seeing the final product, it looks as if the supercar makes a pretty poor Transformer. If only it morphed into Godzilla, maybe that would be an improvement. Take a look for yourself at the pictures in our gallery in both regu

Colin McRae tribute convoy reaches 30-miles long

Click above for high-res gallery of Colin McRae's tribute

Japan: Transformers dig MP3s

Yep, Transformers mania is going to be around for a while, and unsurprisingly, some of the nuttiest new stuff is coming out in Japan, in the form of Takara/Tomy's new "Transformers Music Label" line of toys/accessories. The rig above is Alex Nunez