eBay Find of the day: Zap Truck PK

If you are in need of a short range, emissions free, low payload truck you may want to check out this offering on eBay. A Pennsylvania dealer is offering a 2006 Zap truck with a mere 65 miles on the odometer. Terminal velocity is 40mph and if you hit anything at that speed it could indeed be terminal since the Xebra has never been crash tested and does not comply with any safety regulations.

Vehicles with less than four wheels are classed as motorcycles and not subject to safety standards. So consider yourself warned if you choose to pursue this auction. Alternatively you may want to check out some of the NEVs like the AEV Kurrent or GEM which have four wheels and are crash tested. Gem also offers truck models with payloads of up to 1,100 lbs if you need the cargo capacity. The Zap truck only has a 300lb capacity.

[Source: eBay via Jalopnik]

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