VIDEO: Heavy duty double feature -- drifting semi, loader wheelie

Growing up in the Midwest with sprint cars and other forms of dirt track racing, I have to admit that the current variety of drift racing hasn't really done much for me. (As opposed to car chases and The Fast and the Furious, which is illegal in real life and I would never recommend it, but I can't get enough of films with cars racing through the streets.) However, I have always had a thing for heavy machinery, and when you combine the two -- drifting and trucks -- well, all of a sudden it's tres cool. On the same note, somehow, using heavy machinery like a loader to do stunts normally associated with cars and bikes, like wheelies, is the perfect kind of absurdity for a Saturday afternoon. It's like elephants balancing on beach balls. Irresistible. Follow the jump to see 'em both. Now if we could just get some of those gigantic mining dump trucks in a three-up drift race in a quarry track...

[Source: Streetfire]

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