Pictures of the Smart Micro Hybrid, likely coming to the U.S.

Alright, enough debating over whether or not the Smart "Micro Hybrid" system qualifies as a real hybrid drivetrain or not; here are some pictures of the vehicle and a report that we will likely see it in the United States. Finally, a cool European vehicle that we can honestly expect to see here in the U.S. This is good news, and it will be made even better if the rumored diesel or diesel hybrid show up here as well. What would be even better, you ask? How about if a version of the all electric Smart with the Zebra batteries comes here also? Then, consumers would have the choice of the standard gasoline powered Smart, "Micro Hybrid" Smart, the three-cylinder direct injected diesel Smart, the hybrid diesel with the same engine and, finally, the electric Smart.

To refresh your memory, the so-called "Micro Hybrid" system is capable of stopping the engine instead of letting it idle. The pictures show a button which could turn the "ECO" mode off. If you look closely at the top picture, you will see the small "ECO" light at the top right of the dashboard. It appears that the transmission is the same sequential chutchless manual as used in the standard model. The pictures are apparently of a diesel hybrid, but the hybrid bits are reportedly the same between the diesel and the gasoline model.

[Source: Fourtwo Chat and the Smart Fourtwo Blog]

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