London thieves pull jewel heist in a Bentley

Stealing jewelry in suits and Bentleys? Sounds like something out of blockbuster fiction like The Thomas Crown Affair, but life appears to have imitated art imitating life in London, where thieves pulled an armed heist Hollywood style.

The BBC reports indicate that two men, posing as wealthy tourists, arrived at the west London jewelry store dressed to the proverbial nines, as if potential customers, before pulling out firearms and taking millions in pricey bling and escaping in a waiting Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Scotland Yard are undoubtedly investigating the robbery, but no details have been released beyond the initial report. If you're thinking thieves with Bentleys wouldn't need to steal, the Bentley was reportedly rented. That can't be a common occurrence, even in London. (Are you listening, inspectors?)

[Source: Motor Authority]

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