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UPDATE: 8 Ram 1500s stolen, 2 recovered in Warren factory heist

Daring raid in which the Rams rammed the factory gates

Thursday morning, a group of thieves broke into the grounds of Fiat-Chrysler's truck assembly plant in Warren, Mich., where the 2018 Ram 1500 is built, and stole eight brand-new trucks, according to the Detroit Free Press. The news outlet reports that the thieves drove to up a fence in a pickup truck and cut through to get on the property. They then gathered up trucks and drove right out through the main gates. With a starting price of just over $33,000 for a base Ram 1500, the thieves

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Babysitter robs bank with kids in car

Apparently believing that the film Adventures in Babysitting was an instructional video, a Colorado babysitter is in jail for using the children she was watching as props in a bank heist.

Four sentenced to jail in Red Bull trophy heist case

Four perpetrators in last year's trophy heist at the Red Bull Racing headquarters have been sentenced to hard time in jail, with sentences ranging from two to seven years.

CCTV footage shows Red Bull trophy heist going down

Security camera footage surfaces more than a month after the incident, showing thieves driving into the lobby of Red Bull Racing headquarters in the UK and making off with the team's hard-earned trophies.

Thieves Use Stolen Pickup Trucks In Jewelry Store Heist

Burglars robbed store of $250,000 in jewelry

Two thieves rammed a stolen Ford pickup truck through a New Jersey jewelry store window early Valentine's Day morning in a daring smash-and-grab robbery.

No Quarter: Aussie gang pinched for stealing over $550,000... from parking meters

Ever since the advent of the parking meter, there have been hoods cracking them open and stealing the coins inside. Historically, we're talking about nickels and dimes here, but while those can add up, this is a different ballgame altogether. A gang of criminals in Queensland, Australia, has been arrested for stealing a whopping $800,000 (in Australian dollars, or about $550k in American greenbacks) from local parking meters.