Easing congestion by banning all vehicle traffic from Times Square

On my list trip to New York for the Auto Show it took an hour and a half to traverse the 15 miles from the Javits Center to Kennedy Airport thanks to the congestion that seems to be an inherent part of life on Manhattan island. Mayor Mike Bloomberg has recently floated the idea of a congestion charge similar to what London England has been doing for over a year now.

Now the city is looking to hire Jan Gehl, who is advocating going beyond a congestion charge and banning cars completely from the Times Square area. Gehl is also proposing eliminating street parking from some city avenues and expanding sidewalks there. The plan to add a $8 charge to drive into lower Manhattan is opposed in the State government and people outside the congestion zone. On the other hand, many groups in the city do support the plan because it would potentially make it easier to get around the city.

[Source: New York Daily News, via Autoblog]

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