Ford's Australian subsidiary pales in comparison to its European and American divisions but the small Aussie outcrop has over the years produced some of the best vehicles within the Blue Oval's global empire, including a unique RWD V8-powered saloon and a midsized SUV. We may soon be able to add a third car to that list, as execs down under are hoping to another model to their production line.

Consumers in Australia, faced with rising fuel prices and increasing congestion in major cities, are turning away from the traditional large family cars in droves and are heading towards smaller and more economical compacts. Unfortunately, Ford has to rely on expensive imports to satisfy that demand, but According to Drive, production of a third model is being considered to fill the gap.

There's no word on what this third model will be but the smart money is on it being one of Ford's European stars, either the Focus or Fiesta models, which could arrive as knocked down kit cars to be assembled locally.

We wonder if a small European compact can save Ford's production in the land of Mad Max and the V8 Interceptors.

[Source: Drive]

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