Quiz: 'What kind of car are you?'

The British publication, "Car Magazine," wants to know what kind of car your personality is. Are you a Ferrari or a Fiat? A Lamborghini or a Lada? Take their quiz of automotive and motor racing trivia and find out. I found it embarrassingly difficult, and turned out to be a VW Golf.

In my defense, one question about the car Crockett and Tubbs drove on "Miami Vice" threw me. Of course everyone knows they drove a Ferrari Daytona Spyder in the first two seasons. And it's no secret it was actually a 1980 Corvette disguised as a Ferrari. And who can forget that the fake Daytona was blown up at the beginning of season three and replaced with a (real) Testarossa. So while I was wondering if it was a trick question or not, time ran out. Crap.

But that was only one question I got wrong, to which you now know the right answer. So not only do you have one up on me already, your autosports knowledge alone (can you believe not one question about Jr.?), should be enough to better my score.

Be sure to share your results with the rest of the class, and watch out for the tricky ones. And no cheating! One freebie should be enough.

[Source: Car Online]

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