Barber Motorsports hosts V8 StockCar, Spec Miatas

After a nasty, soggy day of racing Saturday, Alabama's unusually wet weather cleared Sunday morning, and out came the V8 StockCar class. Despite a track sound limit of 104db, the engines could be heard at Barber Motorsports' main gates. With dry pavement, the racing was much faster than the day before, but the photography not as dramatic. Barber's wooded, undulating course is a great venue to watch these powerful cars. Behind the infield trees, the V8s are heard well before the cars come roaring around the bends. Check the gallery for more photos of V8 StockCars.

Next up was the Improved Touring (PDF) category, with Mazda RX-7s alongside Nissan 280Zs, a Honda or two and some BMWs. Following those was the Spec Miata (PDF) class, which consists of original-body style racing modified Miatas with 1600 and 1800cc engines. The course announcer said Showroom Stock (PDF) Miatas were also allowed, but we didn't spot any Sunday.

Like Saturday's post, if you're interested, check the Alabama SCCA Web site for race stats and official information, go here if you want to see action shots of amateur stock car racing and some hot Miata-on-Miata action.

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