4:05 PM - The Lemon Lappers took the podium, 9 laps ahead of their nearest competition. A full breakdown of the results will be posted tomorrow.

9:05 AM - Race meeting just ended. We're waiting for a tire to be changed on a fire truck before the festivities commence. Click on through for our LIVE coverage, and to find out what overall penalties were incurred by some of the race leaders.

Bad news for the Popular Mechanics team, who got dropped by 25 laps, due to the "B.S.-Factor" equation that estimates how much the team went over the $500 budget. The Lemon Lappers were also penalized three laps, which could make a difference since (the last time we checked) they were only six laps ahead of 2nd place.

9:27 AM - The race is on!

9:38 AM - #49, Black flagged and full course yellow to pull the 2002 off the course.

9:42 AM - #88 comes into the pits with a serious backfire issue, and the #666 E30 drives in with its front bumper. dragging on the ground.

9:45 AM - The Supra comes into the pits with an ungodly screacing noise coming from the back end.

9:46 AM - One of the Edge Motorsports Bimmers coms in, followed by the #31 Taurus SHO

10:00 AM - We've changed locations, moving back to the press room, due to a wonky internet connection. Missed a 10 minute caution as one of the cars was cleaned off the course. We're back, game on!

10:02 AM - Going yellow to rearrange cones. Boundaries are often overlooked at LeMons.

10:05 AM - Green, green, green!

10:07 AM - The lack of cars on the track has made for decidedly faster racing. It wouldn't surprise us to learn that lap times have dropped off significantly.

10:12 AM - The leader board has seen some shuffling, see below:

1st - #93 - Lemon Lapper Neon
2nd - #97 - Edge Motorsports E30
3rd- #22 - Orange CRX
4th - #6 - Politically Correct Racing Volvo
5th - #66 - BMW E30

10:13 AM - Yellow flag, followed by a red flag for a fire on the #31 VW. #66, the 5th place driver, was black flagged for a bumper. Fire out, driver a-ok.

10:17 AM - Yellow flag - drivers moving under caution.

10:18 AM - #59 Black flagged for ???

10:19 AM - Green flag flies.

10:23 AM - One full lap is separating the Lemon Lappers from the #97 Edge Motorsports car.

10:25 AM - Yellow flag as workers scoop out the #83 Bug.

10:28 AM - The Bug gets back on track.

10:30 AM - Green flag drops.

10:35 AM - Yellow flag to pull out the #5 Z

We are unsure as to why the #87 MR2 was forced to mount a bucket on its roof.

10:40 AM - Green flag.

10:42 AM - #11 Civic goes straight into the tires, but recovers.

10:43 AM - The #97 Edge Motorsports E30 takes the lead from the Lemon Lappers!

10:45 AM - #18 Toyota (the TuRD), causes a yellow flag to drop. They're about to be pushed off the field.

10:53 AM - Green flag falls.

The Car and Driver RX-7 seems to have incurred a penalty and is forced to have both a pig and a squirrel welded onto its hood. We're not sure what's worse; the embarrassment or the wind turbulence.

10:56 AM - Yellow flag to clear debris.

11:00 AM - Green flag

11:04 AM - Lemon Lappers takes the lead back from the Edge Motorsports E30

11:05 AM - Battle for 5th taking place between the #73 Car and Driver RX-7 and the #66 Bimmer

11:07 AM - #59 Toyota and #83 Bug are set to be pushed off track. Full course caution.

11:09 AM - Green flag.

The hose comes out -- briefly.

11:14 AM - Black flag for the hearse.

11:16 AM - Lots of smoke coming out of the #7 Jeep, yellow flag as it's pushed off the course.

11:18 AM - Green flag.

11:23 AM - Yellow flag to push of the GRM Volvo.

11:25 AM - Green flag.

How close is this? The two leaders jocking for position.

11:30 AM - Yellow flag out to tow the #33 BMW 2002

11:34 AM - Green means go!

11:38 AM - Yellow flag to clear out spun Saab. Green flag follows quickly.

11:42 AM - Yellow flag to clear #8 car.

11:48 AM - Green flag. Edge Motorsports #97 car takes the lead from the Lemon Lappers.

11:54 AM - Yellow flag -- the 2002 Bimmer pulled of course again, and the #81 Trans Am has been black flagged, for the umpteenth time.

11:59 AM - Green flag. Edge Motorsports in the lead by 17 seconds.

The remnants of the #31 V-Dub.

12:02 PM - Yellow flag to remove the #85 and #21 cars.

12:05 PM - According to the announcer the "#81 Camaro is no longer a Camaro.

12:07 PM - Green flag flies. Both cars are back in the running.

12:09 PM - Edge Motorsports maintaining a 12-second lead for first. #93 Lemon Lappers is in second, followed by the #66 Bimmer, #6 Volvo and the C&D RX-7 in fifth.

12:14 PM - Yellow flag to push the #83 Bug of course.

12:16 PM - #30 Black flagged for passing on yellow.

12:18 PM - Green flag.

12:19 PM - We just got word that the #81 Camaro was voted "People's Curse" and has been summarily destroyed. We'll have pictures soon.

12:20 PM - Yellow flag to clear out the #80 Caprice

12:24 PM - In the process, the #35 Mitsubishi died and his being towed.

12:26 PM - Green flag, and they're off!

This is what happens when you're deemed the "People's Curse."

12:27 PM - Lead change! The Lemon Lapper is back in 1st!

12:29 PM - Yellow flag and a green follows close behind.

12:34 PM - We've watch the newly de-roofed Camaro spin twice in the S-curves. Damn this guy sucks.

12:36 PM - The Edge Motorsports takes the lead again! The actual pass is above.

12:37 PM - Yellow flag followed by a green.

12:39 PM - Lemon Lappers take the lead once again!

12:45 PM - The battle continues! Yellow flag flies and the #93 Lemon Lappers Neon goes into the pits.

12:48 PM - Still under caution, but the Lemon Lappers have lost a lap in the pits.

12:48.5 PM - Green flag and the Edge Motorsports car has gone into the pits!!! They're going to lose laps fast now that the field is up to speed.

12:50 PM - Lemon Lappers now have a two lap advantage over Edge's E30.

12:53 PM - The #11 Civic hatch slots into 5th place.

12:54 PM - Edge Motorsports is now five laps behind and still nowhere to be seen.

12:56 PM - Yellow flag to clear a car. The #22 Civic takes the 5th place spot from the #11 Civic. 41 cars remain.

12:59 PM - Green flag.

1:00 PM - Yellow flag - Big crash through the chicane. Lots of tires to clear.

1:03 PM - #97 Edge Motorsports still a no show from the pits.

1:07 PM - Green flag and Edge Motorsports is BACK -- 14 laps behind the leader and missing its hood and fenders.

1:09 PM - Red flag! To dump water on the Altamont Motorsports driver. In the process, the stop killed one of the cars.

1:23 PM - Yellow flag for the #36 Taurus. Wheel bouncing down the track.

1:26 PM - Green flag.

1:37 PM - Yellow flag out as two cars stuffed themselves into the wall.

1:39 PM - Green, green, green.

1:41 PM - The Car and Driver RX-7 just turned the fastest lap at 51.7

1:48 PM - Top five are as follows:

1st - #93 - Lemon Lapper Neon
2nd - #666 - BMW E30
3rd - #97 Edge Motorsports
4th - #11 Red EF Civic Hatch - Who's moving up fast.
5th - #73 Car and Driver RX-7

1:51 PM - #666 spins for the second time in less than three laps.

2:04 PM - We just noticed that the Fallen Angels are back on track with their Maser.

2:06 PM - Two hours remaining and the yellow flag comes out again.

2:09 PM - The #11 EF Hatch has moved into second and the #666 car gets a black flag to inform him that his transponder isn't working.

2:13 PM - From green, right back to yellow as the #63 Neon gets dug out of the dirt and pushed off the track.

2:15 PM - Green flag is out.

2:20 PM - Mitsu Works car black flagged due for what we though was fender separation issues, turns out he must have done something worse to deserve the VW Bus treatment.

2:24 PM - Helen Keller racing's car suddenly begins emitting a green smoke screen.

2:30 PM - Yellow flag at the 12 hour mark. #63 is off again.

2:33 PM - Green flag

2:34 PM - Yellow, again, for a couple of stalls, and an Alfa that needs a shove.

2:36 PM - Green flag (we're thinking of making a macro for this).

2:42 PM - We've got your standings right here.

1st - #92 Lemon Lapper Neon
2nd - #11 Honda EF
3rd - #97 Edge Motorsports E30
4th - #73 Car and Driver RX7
5th - #666 BMW E30

2:46 PM - This picture needs some context. Another faux red flag dropped to remove the #31 Altamont Motorsports Miata from the track. We think this is a bit much now, but whatev. They've driven the car off the track and put John into an ambulance. Yellow flag drops. The competitors are rolling... back to green. All is fine, but practical jokes begin getting old when the rest of the competitors are sitting in their cars in 110-degree heat.

3:08 PM - Yellow flag for a stalled car, Lemon Lappers going in for their final pit stop.

3:11 PM - Green flag

3:19 PM - Yellow flag. Porsche #44 got spun by #666. Car and Driver takes over Edge Motorsports' spot at 3rd, bumping back Edge to 4th as they roll into the pits. It looks like number #666 left the track.

3:21 PM - Both car #40 and #6X got black flagged and sent into the pits. Presumably for passing under caution.

3:25 PM - Green flag!

3:30 PM - 30 MINUTES LEFT!

3:32 PM - #666, who formerly held 5th, just re-entered the track at 9th.

3:33 PM - #97 Edge Motorsports car got hit hard. Yellow flag out and he's being pushed off course. Incredibly sad, with only 27 minutes to go.

3:35 PM - Green flag flies.

3:37 PM - Lemon Lappers Neon in 1st, Chapter 11 Racing Civic in 2nd, Car and Driver in 3rd, Scuderia Limoncello in 4th and WTF Racing's CRX in 5th.

3:40 PM - Yellow flag while one of the Pintos is hauled off the track. Green follows quickly.

3:41 PM - The Chapter 11 racing is moving quickly around the track. They're aggressive, but they're not being stupid -- or rude.

3:42 PM - 45 cars still on the track. #92 Alfa has been black flagged.

Why door bars are a necessity.

3:50 PM - The Edge Motorsports E30 is back on the track.

3:53 PM - Yellow flag with eight minutes to go!

3:55 PM - Green flag. Five minutes left!

3:59 PM - White flag out, FINAL LAP.

4:00 PM
- Checkered flag flies, Lemon Lappers have it

Top Ten Positions:

1 - #93 Lemon Lappers
2 - #11 Chapter 11 Racing
3 - #73 Car and Driver
4 - #22 WTF Racing
5 - #96 Holy Rollers
6 - #34 California Mille
7 - #74 Scuderia Limoncello
8 - #666 Carnage Racing
9 - #98 Edge Motorsports 2
10 - #97 Edge Motorsports 1

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