Spy shots: BMW X6 mule caught with its hatch open

When BMW engineers took a much-needed break from the 128-degree weather in Death Valley, they were kind enough to unlatch the hatch of the new X6 for KPG's spies to shoot away.
The pics reveal that the heavy plastic cladding on the rear end disguises more air than sheet metal, with the steep rake of the windscreen plummeting towards the taillights. Even more worrying than the massive blind spots created by the camo, is the roofline that takes a serious plunge aft of the B-pillar, destined to seriously limit headroom for passengers relegated to the rear. As KPG's peeps on the pavement point out, it's form relentlessly beating function with a stick – something that CLS back-seat passengers have already gotten used to.

You can view more shots of the X6 by following this link to Jalopnik's gallery.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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