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UK taxes on vegetable oil for vehicles makes it 50 percent cheaper than diesel

HMRC (the UK Customs office) has announced that users of less than 2,500 litres (around 660 galons) of Pure Plant Oil (PPO or SVO in America) will no longer have to pay road fuel duty. This saves a lot of the price of fuel in the UK and makes PPO available at 52p/liter (with the other taxes included). Quite a difference, since prices for diesel are slightly above 1 pound/liter. Previously, SVO users had to declare their use and pay for the tax accordingly.
Let's take the calculator: Let's suppose we have a car that makes 10 miles per liter of PPO (something like 38 mpg), which makes 2,500 liters of SVO good for 25,000 miles so it saves around 1,000 pounds. The drawback is that you need to modify the (diesel) engine although performance is claimed to be unchanged and the cost of the conversion can be offset with those savings.

Some voices claim that SVO is better than biofuels: no need to process chemically the fuel (although it must be pressed and filtered to meet the DIN 51605 standard) but if imported oil is used from some non-ethical sources then we might be doing little for the environment. Britons will be able to acquire locally-produced rapeseed oil to avoid these imports.

The measure will be reviewed in three years (picture shows the necessary pieces to get a diesel car running on oil).

[Source: Blooming features]

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