The AMA weighs in on the dangers of higher ethanol ratios

There is a movement in Minnesota right now that is looking to the EPA for approval to adopt a 20 percent ethanol blend as a replacement for standard fare gasoline. This has prompted the American Motorcyclist Association to question whether or not the effects of running higher ethanol ratios in motorcycle engines might pose the risk of inadvertently damage the engine. They wonder if sufficient testing has been done to assure that there will be no problems. While the AMA is focusing solely on motorcycles, the question would apply to any internal combustion engines which were not designed to be used with an alcohol fuel. As you may be aware, certain rubber components inside an engine might not be compatible with alcohol, and certain metal components might also be a concern.

This would be a concern outside the state of Minnesota as well, because when one state gets a waiver, others are free to follow suit. This is why California's more stringent emissions requirements have been adopted in other states as well. Currently, gasoline sold to consumers can contain up to 10 percent ethanol.

[Source: The American Motorcyclist Association]

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