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Don't worry about running out of oil, the emissions will get us first.

The Union of Concerned Scientists' Dr. Jeremy Martin gives a realistic look at the future of fuels both traditional and alternative.


The fight over converting the national supply of gasoline from a maximum 10-percent ethanol blend (known as E10) to E15 have quieted down somewhat when it comes to passenger cars. For other applications - like "motorcycles and nonroad products" - the struggle continues.

Two Wheels

It's not quite the Hells Angels at Altamont, but another biker group is being accused of piling on, this time by ethanol advocates.


The controversial E15 – the fuel that blends 15 percent ethanol in gasoline – is still waiting approval for use in California, and it's going to take a few years for the decision to be made. That's the statement sent to the American Motorcyclist Association by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Zero Motorcycles at Minimoto SX 2010 – Click above for high-res image gallery

The MiniMoto SX kicks off in Las Vegas on the 6th of May and both Quantya USA and Zero Motorcycles will be representin'. This time, the race won't be merely a battle between the two brands but rather a contest that pits the old gas-powered paradigm against the new electric drivetrains in an open format that organizers have dubbed the "Energy Crisiscross" (ECX). The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) event will see ten electrics – five bikes from Zero Motorcycles and five from Quantya

The first new team to disclose that they will compete in the 2010 TTXGP electric superbike events has just thrown its hat into the ring. SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing and its AMA pro rider Chip Yates will do battle at the Isle of Man event, the 4 scheduled UK races, the American race at Infineon and any as-yet-unannounced FIM international and American events. While they could use one of the new Mavizen TTX02 mounts being created for new competitors, they plan on building a bike of their own instead and

This would be a concern outside the state of Minnesota as well, because when one state gets a waiver, others are free to follow suit. This is why California's more stringent emissions requirements have been adopted in other states as well. Currently, gasoline sold to consumers can contain up to 10 percent ethanol.

We have been following the release of the Can-Am Spyder since we first heard about it, and now we have an online ride review to digest. If you have any interest in this 3-wheeled vehicle, it would be a good idea to click here and read their three page report, and then click here to watch the video that they have made, showing the Spyder in an obstacle course.

Quite a weekend! Ferrari returns, a new Nextel Cup points leader, a wild sports car race, a ton of motorcycle road racing, and some fence-climbing in Japan.

A busy weekend coming up. U.S. TV coverage is shown (all times Eastern).