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Jetta Sportwagen sales delayed until next year

Are you impatiently waiting to check out VW's new Jetta Sportwagen? Looks like you'll be waiting a bit longer. Autoblog has confirmed a rumor on the VW Vortex forums that the August launch of VW's new Jetta wagon has been delayed. The posting on the forums said an engine plant fire was to blame, but that remains unconfirmed.

Keith Price, VW's public relations manager, tells Autoblog that the company, "Lost some production" and will roll out the 2.0FSI Turbo models with the official launch of the Clean Diesel wagons in early 2008. Price said to look for a "tiny trickle of 2.0FSI Turbo cars at intro, and an even split of 2.5L and Clean Diesel in dealers to follow" in March.

With a dearth of inexpensive, but spacious wagons on the market, this is indeed disappointing news for those hoping to snag one of these budget five-doors this year. But if it's the diesel model for which you pine, Price said those are on schedule for March, and that, "Clean Diesel Sportwagens will be hot."

We take that to mean, "Get in line."

Thanks for the tip, Scott!

UPDATE: Keith Price wrote us back to confirm a plant fire that destroyed between 12,000 and 15,000 cylinder heads is to blame for this delay. He also says pricing for gasoline and diesel models has still not been finalized.

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