States looking to crack down on in-vehicle electronics

Cell phone usage has proven to be very distracting for drivers, and several states have banned the use of the hand-held devices for drivers. Now lawmakers in a dozen states are taking a broader approach to what electronic devices should be banned. Although there is little in the way of concrete evidence that links front seat DVD players, fax machines, iPods, and computers to accidents, it's pretty obvious that they're a distraction to the driver. To curb the usage of these devices, states like Texas and New York are considering fines ranging from $50 and $600 for offenses.

California has had some level of success enforcing these laws, as they've pulled over 3,200 drivers since 2003 for watching DVD movies. We agree that text messaging and watching a movie is way too much of a distraction for anybody that is simultaneously operating a two-ton vehicle, but it's tough to foresee how well such a law could be enforced. Users of their favorite digital devices may feel like they're being singled out, since major distractions like kids (I have three) and makeup application are still legal.

What is the craziest thing you've ever seen someone doing while driving?

[Source: USA Today]

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