GM betting hard on the Volt; now, about the exterior design

So GM seems to be really hyped about the powertrain possibilities of the Volt. Now it's turn to speak some more about the design features. "GM is once more a design-driven company, so it's only natural that design keep pace with the engineering development of the E-flex system," Vice Chairman Bob Lutz recently wrote in a blog on GM's website.

GM has opened a design studio dedicated to the design of the Volt and the other vehicles built on the E-Flex architecture in Michigan, and Bob Boniface (click here for our Q&A) is the head of design. Lutz affirmed that 90 percent of the design is already complete and will resemble the concept unveiled in January at the North American International Auto Show.

The success of the Volt is a critical issue for GM. "This vehicle is so important that it is getting maximum attention from all of the top Product Development leadership and from the senior people in powertrain," Lutz
said. GM has already spent 100 million USD on the Volt's development and the bill is increasing fast. GM has also forked over about four billion in the last six years for advanced propulsion platforms.

The level of detail GM is making public about the Volt is noteworthy, and a good strategy for quieting critics. GM is aiming to get a part of the green car market and designing a standout product with good design is key, analysts say.
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[Source: Detroit News]

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