Chevy Volt design lead Bob Boniface to lead new E-Flex studio in GM

Bob Boniface on the left reviewing the Volt design in the studio

It's being reported that the director of GM's Advanced Design Studio Bob Boniface has been tasked with heading up a new design unit within GM that will focus on developing new vehicles that use the new E-Flex powertrain. Bob led the team that created the exterior design of the Volt concept.

The fact that General Motors is creating a new design studio just to create vehicles that take advantage of the new electrically driven powertrain is another sign that the company is fully committed to producing vehicles like the Volt. ABG talked to Bob back in January at the Detroit Auto Show following the Volt introduction. If Bob's new team can bring the same flair to other vehicles that they demonstrated in the Volt, we can look forward to some very exciting environmentally friendly cars in the coming years.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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