Type N700 bullet train nears 200 mph in Japan

Back in April, we showed you designs that Japan has to make magnetic levitation trains a reality. Being that those trains are not expected to be ready for consumers until 2025, I thought I'd show you something more current. Here is the Type N700 bullet train, reportedly the first update of the Type 700 since it was introduced when we were party-party-partying like it was nineteen-ninety-nine. The updated train, jointly developed by Central Japan Railway and West Japan Railway, is capable of traveling at 186 miles per hour, up from the old 168.5.

Don't miss some of the technical details about the train, like how it has software designed to allow these high speeds through twists and turns and through mountains. Additionally, this article (in Japanese) apparently points out that future developments will allow wireless internet use and AC power for electronics while on the commute. How awesome would it be if you could get on the train on your way to work and have all of your emails replied to before even getting into the office? Of, even better! You could have all the day's posts from AutoblogGreen read through from your RSS Feed on your way into the office. Now, that's what we call progress.

[Source: Engadget]

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