RattleBuster can help soothe rattled nerves

Have you ever had a rattle in your car? Something loose somewhere in the vehicle that makes noise when the car is in motion? One of those sounds that seems to come from nowhere in particular and proves impossible to track down? One that drives you nuts trying to locate and fix because you have to be at speed to reproduce it? Well, a UK firm has developed something that just might help. They have recorded a CD of low frequency sounds that emulates road noise and vibration. The idea is to play the CD on your car stereo and hopefully one of the tracks will reproduce the rattle. Doing this while parked will make identifying the source of the noise much easier and safer than trying to find the squeak while driving. If you can't track down the rattle yourself, you can speed up the diagnosis by playing the track for your mechanic. Hopefully he or she can find it more easily. Seems like a pretty practical tool. And best of all, it only costs about $20.

[Source: RattleBuster via Winding Road]

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