Pickuptruck.com's top ten fuel efficient pickup trucks

Here is an auto-related "Top Ten" list that I can really get into, the "Top 10 Classic Fuel Sipping Haulers." One of the reasons that I like it so much is because I was introduced to some vehicles which I had never seen before, which is kind of rare - I grew up in a very car-friendly home and we always had a muscle or classic car in the garage. Of the ten vehicles here, I only knew about numbers 1, 2, 4, 5 and 10. That's half, if you're keeping count. How about you? How many of these fuel efficient haulers did you know about?

1. 1961-1971 International Harvester Scout Pickup
2. 1964-1966 Chevrolet El Camino
3. 1960 Crofton Bug
4. 1960-1966 Ford Ranchero
5. 1961 Volkswagen Pickup
6. 1954-1956 Powell Sport Wagon
7. 1950 Austin A40
8. 1940-1962 Crosley
9. 1937-1947 American Bantam
10. 1928-1931 Model A Ford

There are probably a few more you could add to this list, like the VW Rabbit pickup and the Dodge Rampage. Any more?

[Source: PickupTruck.com]

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