"Improves gas mileage by..." yeah, we've heard that one before!

Be skeptical! Out of 93 fuel saving devices or additives were recently tested in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by the EPA, and out of those, just 10 were found to increase fuel mileage, and then only slightly. Unfortunately, 4 of those 10 also increased emissions. The results of the report are that none of the tested products met with approval from the EPA. The moral of the story is that these days, manufacturers have probably done what they can to make your mileage as high as it can be while delivering the performance that you demand. Outside engineers likely can't improve one aspect of the vehicle's performance without hindering another. The moral of the story: don't buy the hype, and don't buy their products.

So, what should you do? The source article, from the Detroit News, suggests a few tips that are likely well known to our readership. Namely, keep up with your manufacturer's maintenance schedule and slow down. It goes without saying that controlling your right foot is free.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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