Chrysler-Chery alliance to be finalized in Beijing tomorrow

The long-awaited merger between Chrysler and Chinese automaker Chery will be finalized in Beijing tomorrow, Reuters is reporting. The deal floated in and out of the news as Chrysler was sold to Cerberus Capital Management by DaimlerChrysler AG, but now that's everything is about to be squared away, the importation of China-built vehicles to the U.S. will be that much closer to reality.

The car that's gotten the most coverage here on ABG from this alliance is the forthcoming Dodge Hornet, but it's likely that the Hornet is destined for Europe instead of the U.S. The Hornet is part of Chrysler's 3-year, $3-billion product renewal program, and if you'd like to see a Chrysler-branded car like this in the U.S., now's the time to start hopin'.

Chrysler spokesman Mike Aberlich told Reuters that the deal that will be signed tomorrow is a general one, and that contracts for particular vehicles will be dealt with individually.

[Source: Reuters]

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