QinetiQ and NexxtDrive to co-operate on hybrid electric drives

Besides being the ultimate Scrabble word, especially when played on a triple word score, Qinetiq has been featured on our blog many times. Often, Qinetiq is tied in with military operations, such as tanks. Their work is predominately with hybrid propulsion. Similarly, Nexxtdrive would also be a bit of a Scrabble coup, considering the length of the name and the "Dos Equis"; and has also been featured on our site. They work with transmitting power from one place to another, as in transmissions. Seems like a match made in heaven, no? The answer is yes, apparently, as the two companies have decided to join forces and collaborate on technologies for military applications.

Sebastian has recently brought up the idea of silent military vehicles. Sounds about right, or... doesn't sound like anything, I guess. Partnerships like this one might just make that idea a reality.

[Source: Gizmag]

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