Sheriff of Nottingham and crew crack down on fast cars

The County Court of Nottingham, England has decreed that Thou Shalt Not Congregate With Thine Automobiles. Or something like that. The authorities wanted to halt bad drivers and the ferocious noise of fast car owners racing through the streets, and found it easiest to simply ban any kind of gathering. From now until June 2009, the county forbids "five or more motor vehicles from congregating together, driving in convoy or racing each other on the highway." If they catch you in convoy, you'll be fined and spend two years in the tower, or whatever they use for jails in Nottingham. The police will be watching the county's closed-circuit TVs to make sure the law isn't flouted, and as an example, they impounded a motorcycle that three kids were taking turns riding.

Is there no Robin Hood among the people who will rise up against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham? If not, we suppose we could lend you Kevin Costner, but we want him back at the end of the month for a Field of Dreams sequel.

Thanks for the tip, Jay!

[Source: The Newspaper]

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