Scottish firm develops better method of repairing potholes

Perhaps one on the reasons that American car makers are so fond of building big trucks is the condition of the roads around their headquarters and engineering facilities. Many of the major roadways around here are paved (and I use that term very loosely) with concrete instead of asphalt. When chunks of pavement pop out every spring trucks full of asphalt cold patch troll the roadways while crews dump shovelfuls of the asphalt into the craters. They typically fill the hole above the surrounding road surface and leave the passing cars to compact it. The result is that most of the patching material gets scattered around the road and surrounding cars.

A Scottish company has developed what they claim is a more effective and environmentally friendly approach. Nu-Phalt uses a gas heater towed behind a repair vehicle to heat the area around the pothole to 420 degrees fahrenheit so that existing material can be reused and a better repair can be executed. With this method less new material is required, however using a gas heater may negate any of the environmental benefits of such a system. However, the more effective repair should help reduce potential damage to passing cars.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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