Friday Humor: Giving your gas tank "the finger" OR "Pain at the Pump" defined

Normally, we don't find pain to be humorous, but this one just needs to be posted since we are a site that focuses on easing the pain at the pump that we are all feeling when it comes to filling our tanks with gas. Dwight Clark from Huntsville Alabama felt a different type of pain when he was apparently trying to remove some "gunk" from the filler neck when his finger got stuck inside. Attempts were made to extract the finger using WD40, but eventually firefighters were called in. After the filler neck was cut off, doctors were able to extract Clark's finger.

Huntsville Fire & Rescue Capt. Nolen Locke said, "I've been a firefighter for 16 years and I've never seen anything like it before." I bet that would apply for most of the rest of us too.

[Source: WRAL News]

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