EDTA president says plug-in bill failure had nothing to do with PHEV technology

As I mentioned earlier today, the FREEDOM Act language regarding tax incentives for Americans looking to convert their hybrids to plug-in versions was stripped out of the energy bill that ended up passing in the U.S. Senate. Toyota made their claim for why PHEVs are a bad idea, and in my inbox today was the newsletter from the EDTA, and it included this bit from EDTA President Brian Wynne regarding the reason that part of the bill was removed:
"Late last week, the Senate passed its energy bill after defeating a carefully crafted tax package, which contained a plug-in electric drive vehicle credit that EDTA played a major role in putting together. The cause of this setback had nothing to do with electric drive; rather, it was the controversial tax provisions paying for the tax package that proved to be the insurmountable hurdle that day. The effort is far from over, though, and we are continuing to promote our tax priorities in both Houses and on both sides of the aisle."

So, a lot of those technical reasons that Toyota brought up in their letter to the Senate might not hold as much water as they'd hoped. CalCars wil be happy, and where does this leave Toyota?

[Source: EDTA]

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