That was quick! Official information on BMW's 1-series coupe

While the blogosphere was busy covering the latest batch of spy shots of Bimmer's new 1-Series coupe, BMW UK went and posted official details on its version of the car, which will arrive in November as the 120d, 123d, and 135i. We'll get to the two diesels (which we won't see here, in all likelihood) in a moment. The official rundown on the BMW 135i Coupe goes like this: 306 horsepower, 295 lb-ft from 1,300 - 5,000 rpm, Zero to 62 mph in 5.3 sec, and a 155 mph top speed. Fuel economy is rated at over 25 mpg (US) in the European combined cycle.

As for the diesels, they sound pretty good, too -- particularly the 123d, which benefits from BMW's Efficient Dynamics program (Stop/Start, brake regeneration, active aero, etc). In addition to being rated at over 44 mpg (US) in the combined cycle. the 123d is gutsy. Its twin-turbocharged 1998cc diesel four-cylinder makes 204 horses -- that's over 100 hp/liter. The run to sixty takes 7 seconds and it tops out at 148 mph. The entry-level 120d also gets the Efficient Dynamics tech, but makes 177 horses. It's performance is a slight downgrade from the 123d (.6 seconds longer to 60 mph) but it beats it in fuel economy.

Want to read more? It's all there in black and white at BMW UK.

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[Source: BMW UK]

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