Yahoo's quest for the greenest city has finished and the winner is...

Hastings, NE. This city has won Yahoo's "America's Greenest City Challenge" in which towns all around the US could enroll. The winners got 10 Yahoo Hybrid Taxis (Ford Escape Hybrids) for their local fleet.
How did the contest work? Easy: Any town could enroll in the program and their inhabitants had to perform certain activities that would become "credits" for the city. The more actions registered people took, the more credits the city got.

There were four types of activities to earn the credits for
  • Pledges: Commitments to reduce pollution.
  • Get Best Answers Received awards in "Any other category" at Yahoo Questions.
  • Get other Best Answers Received elsewhere.
  • Mobile "Eco Term" Searches performed
To ensure fairness in the contest, the answers were weighed depending on population according to the 2000 Census.

[Source: Yahoo]

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