The "Greenest City in America" can win a free fleet of hybrid taxis

This morning in Times Square, Yahoo!, Matt Dillon and Global Green USA challenged American citizens to be green for their cities, with a prize of a fleet of hybrid taxis going to the "Greenest City In America." The challenge takes place online, part of the new Yahoo! Green site and the " Be a Better Planet" program. New York City gets a bit of a bonus, maybe for hosting the kick-off: their own free hybrid taxi fleet from Yahoo! Pertinent details like how many vehicles and what types were not made clear, but from the photo I'd guess we're talking about a couple of Ford Escape hybrids here.

In order to be a better planet, Yahoo! wants people across America to use various Yahoo! services (see the list after the jump) to talk up green living. This isn't a long program; Yahoo! will declare a winner on June 8. Call it the Internet Age's version of a long-term commitment. If the winning city doesn't want the taxis, they can alternatively take an equivalent cash donation and dedicate it toward city greening projects.

[Source: Yahoo! Inc.]
( from the press release)

To participate in the "Be a Better Planet" promotion, users can do one or more of the following:
  • Yahoo! Answers: Help save the planet by answering an environmental question and contributing to the growing body of knowledge and advice on Yahoo! Answers;
  • Yahoo! oneSearch: Learn more about living a greener life by conducting a "green" mobile search on Yahoo! oneSearch, a new search service with results optimized for the mobile phone. Consumers can enter keywords such as "organic food," "public transport," "recycle center," "bike," and "ride share" to find relevant resources;
  • Take the Green Pledge: Visit Yahoo! Green and commit to lowering their carbon diet by pledging such actions as changing light bulbs, taking public transportation, using reusable shopping bags, properly inflating tires, and recycling more.
Participants earn points with each green action, contributing to their hometown's overall ranking, which will be visible nearly in real-time on an interactive national map. They will also receive a free energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), while supplies last.

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