London unveils first two FREE electric car chargers

London, the city where you have to pay to drive your dirty, CO2-emitting car, is doing a lot to clean the air. City officials' latest move was the unveiling of two electric car-charging stations. Fuel-hungry EVs can find the stations in Wellington Street and Southampton Street near Covent Garden in the West End. The most amazing part? The juice is free.
Yes, I said free. And there are 48 more planned for Westminster City Council's car parks.

Councillor Alan Bradley told the BBC that, "Putting free charging points on the street where people need them most is a simple concept which we hope will help galvanise broader appeal for electric car use. Electric cars are ideally suited to city driving and we hope in years to come we will see more and more people using them to travel around the City of London" (British spellings kept to enhance the mood).

Oh, and don't forget that EVs are exempt from the city congestion charge. Over 750 G-Whiz electric vehicles have been sold in London, and if electric car sales don't take off in the city now, I don't know what will make it happen.

[Source: BBC via EV World]

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