Saab talks up its forthcoming products

There's plenty in store for Saab in the coming years, with a substantial revision of a current model, a new crossover, and a new entry range all in the works. Saab USA's GM, Steve Shannon, chatted up the editors at Inside Line to spill some of the beans. The 9-5 is slated for a complete redesign sometime between 2009 and 2012, where the car will get updated styling and a selection of new powertrains.

That same general time period will also see the introduction of a new crossover dubbed the 9-4X and a new entry model named the 9-1, the latter of which IL believes will target the Volvo C30. The look of all the new Saabs will be penned at GM's European design center, which spawned the awesome Aero X concept (above) whose influence has already been felt in the redesigned 9-3 range. Expect more Aero X-tinged goodness in terms of styling as new Saabs make their debuts in the coming years. Head over to Inside Line for additional details and speculation.

[Source: Inside Line]

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