Millen set to run Solstice GXP up Pike's Peak

The organizers of this year's Pike's Peak Hill Climb have added a new Time Attack class to the event, and one of our personal heroes is returning to beat the mountain into submission.

Rhys Millen, the pilot of the 550 HP Pontiac Solstice GXP drift car, Pike's Peak veteran, renowned rally racer and all-around driving deity, will be flogging his heavily modified sideways sidewinder up the hill during the Time Attack's inaugural run.

The Solstice itself will remain relatively unmodified for the event, keeping the same suspension setup, but tweaking the ECU to cope with the elevation changes and its affect on the air/fuel ratio.

There's too much good stuff to summarize here, so we'd encourage you to click the 'Read' link below for all the details, including several choice insights from Millen.

[Source: GM]

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