The Driving Dutchman goes 67 years with no tickets, no crashes, and no license

We're sure that policemen in Holland have seen plenty of strange things. The tiny country gets people from all over the world who can't wait to do all kinds of stuff that they'd never do at home. And we suspect that the Dutch wish they wouldn't do them in Holland, either. This time, though, the noteworthy behavior came from one of their own: at a random police check, an 84-year-old Dutchman admitted that his car was uninsured, that it had never had a vehicle safety test, and that he hadn't had a license for 67 years. The reason he'd never been caught: even though he's been driving since before Pearl Harbor, he's never had an accident or a ticket. So maybe he shouldn't get an honorary license, but perhaps some kind of award is in order...

[Source: Reuters]

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