Update on the British Steam Car Challenge 200 mph record attempt

Last fall, we alerted you to a land-speed record which is in serious danger of being broken. The record in question was set in 1906, and is for steam powered vehicles (like the one above). One might imagine that steam engines have not made significant advances since then, but that would be untrue. As a matter of fact, steam engines have made huge strides since that record was set, and it's about time that the record books are re-written.

Potential environmental benefits of using steam power become evident when you consider the fact that steam powered engines are capable on running off the heat of any combustible material, and the combustion actually takes place outside of the engine, which is referred to as "external combustion" as opposed to the more common internal combustion engine which powers just about every vehicle on today's roads. Click below for more information.


[Source: British Steam Car Challenge via Gizmag]

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