1906 steam powered car land speed record is in serious danger

When you think of steam-powered travel you think of ... going 200 miles per hour in a rocket car, right? Good, because that's exactly what a team in Britain is trying to do next year as part of the British Steam Car Challenge. The team got good news recently when Slough Heat & Power in Berkshire announced they would help the team with its initial trials by providing steam from a specially-built gantry. The team has proved, mathematically, that 200 mph is possible, and they're designing the Inspiration to achieve this. The car will undergo its first speed record test in South Africa next June and then go to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The current steam-powered car land speed record is 127.659mph set in 1906 by Fred Marriot driving a Stanley Steamer. I seriously doubt it will stand through the next year.
Working out a lot of the math before hitting the salt flats is a good strategy. Remember, the JCB Dieselmax broke records after using computer simulations without wind tunnel testing.

[Source: British Steam Car Challenge, Eventageous PR]

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