Roadgoing Porsches may finally get dual clutch gearboxes

The dual-clutch gearbox was originally conceived back in the 1930s by half-track inventor Adolphe Kégresse, but its first practical application didn't appear until nearly six decades later in the back end of some Porsche 956 and 962 race cars and some Audi rally cars. For whatever reason, Porsche dropped the idea in favor manually shifted automatic TipTronic gearboxes for its production cars.

Volkswagen finally brought the dual clutch system to the masses a few years ago with its DSG units. It looks like Porsche will soon finally add the setup to its road cars in the next few years with the brand name it used on the race cars – PDK for Porsche Doppel Kupplungen or Porsche Double Clutches. The TipTronic paddle shifters will be retained so that the driver can execute shifts without releasing the steering wheel. No word yet on timing or application, but as soon as we know you will.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

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