New energy bill stalled by special interest groups

Divergent special interest groups have stalled efforts to get a new energy bill passed in the US Senate. The bill seemingly has plenty to get everyone upset, including automakers, the coal industry and electric utilities. While the electricity producers might be happy about the fuel economy requirements that carmakers don't like, they are not happy with a requirement that they produce more power from renewable resources. That requirement also has coal producers up in arms because they failed to get more efficient coal plants and nuclear plants included as part of the clean power mandate.

Republican Senators are threatening a filibuster to defend coal-dependent utilities in southern states while others such as Carl Levin (D-MI) are pushing for easier requirements on fuel economy. Meanwhile to date apparently not a single politician has been willing to step up to the plate and call for maintaining a minimum price for oil in order spur customer demand for more efficient vehicles.

[Source: CNN]

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