AutoExpress has the details on the R8 diesel

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When the Audi R8 first appeared as a concept car several years ago, it was inspired by the then dominant R8 Le Mans prototypes. Since that time, the R8 concept has developed into a full production car while the racing R8 has been superseded by the new diesel R10. It's only fitting that the road going R8 should also get a diesel engine.

As reported previously, Audi has three potential diesels that could go into the R8 ranging from the 3.0L V6 to the monster V12 that was shown in the Q7, but it looks like the middle 4.2L V8 will be getting the nod. The 322hp/560lb-ft V8 is expected to be boosted even further to yield a 0-60 time of five seconds and top end of 160mph. Lots of sports cars can manage that but how many of them can get 25mpg while doing it?

AutoExpress maintains that the diesel-powered R8 will come after the V10 version expected to be released next year. Pricing is estimated to be around £70,000 for the TDI variant and £85,000 for the five-liter V10.

[Source: AutoExpress]
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