The Prius is on Consumer Affairs' Top Ten worst used cars list for 2007

While new Prius hybrid vehicles are selling well, Consumer Affairs (not Consumer Reports) has released a list of the ten worst used cars and, while not at number one, the Pruis does make an appearance. Here are the guilty parties in order, as identified by CA:
  1. Ford Expedition
  2. Ford F-150
  3. Auto-trans BMW
  4. Toyota Prius
  5. Ford Focus
  6. Dodge Durango
  7. Ford Taurus
  8. Mercury Sable
  9. Older Toyotas
  10. GM Dex-Cool
The problems with the Prius seem to manifest themselves after the vehicles get 100,000 miles on them: monitors break, multiple warning lights on the dashboard come on, there are not enough parts for repairs and some readers experienced arguing about what is covered by Toyota's warranty and what isn't.

I'd think that with Toyota upping the number of Priuses it's making, the parts issue might be under control soon, and Edmunds says that, "Toyota's original hybrid car is a strong candidate for a shopper interested in a used hybrid vehicle. So far, it seems Toyota's reputation for reliability and durability is holding true for the Prius. Early concerns about long-term durability have turned out to be mostly unfounded."

Seven of CA' top ten are domestics, with automatic BMWs and older Toyotas rounding out the list.

[Source: Consumer Affairs via EVWorld]

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